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Creative Craft Challenge- Polymer Clay

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 9:02 PM

Weekly update

Hello everyone! Today I'll be wrapping up the May/June Challenge and announcing our Member of the Month, and next week I'll be starting up our next Challenge!

Our Member of the Month for June is SculptedCreations. Congratulations! :dance:

Anyway, check out the last submissions for the polymer clay Challenge:

Animal Crossing fossil necklaces by FrozenNote Forest Nymph by Chubbli Starry Owl Necklace by Chubbli

See you all next week!

Previous updates

I am so sorry about the missed updates! Things have been so nuts at work lately that I've barely even had time to turn on my computer! Anyways, we've got a couple of more submissions for the May/June Challenge, check them out:

Polymer clay Korosensei by MissDwidwi Lol Elise by JOPUTAPELIRROJO

Impressive work all around! I can't wait to see more for next week!

Hello everyone! I have a number of new submissions for you to check out this week:

SOLD - Handmade Dibble Art doll by RhiannonWoolf SOLD The Last Galaxy Lion by RhiannonWoolf Spider Man Keychain commission by SculptedCreations Handmade octopus keychain commission by SculptedCreations Clay Cuties Kimiko and Jaclyn by SculptedCreations Seahawks fox keychain commissions by SculptedCreations

I can't wait to see more! See you next week!

Hello everyone! We've got a couple of fabulous submissions to start off the May/June Challenge:

Sea turtle sculpture commission by SculptedCreations Dragon bust finish by SculptedCreations

Also, if anyone is in need of some advice for their wonderful polymer clay creation, tishaia would be happy to answer questions for you!

See you next week!

Welcome to this month's Creative Craft Challenge!

The Creative Craft Challenge is a monthly feature where we introduce our members to different crafts. Every month I’ll give you a little background on a craft that you might not have heard of and show you a few great tutorials to encourage you to give it a try and show us your work.

So join me every month and put your skills and creativity to the test with lessons and tutorials, examples, and a place to show off your work. Your submissions will be featured in our favorites gallery and in this very blog!

Remember, the aim of the challenge is to introduce you to crafts that you might not have heard about or tried before. They won't require any expensive materials or years of training and expertise to complete. The idea is to challenge you to go out of your usual field of work and try something new!

This challenge is NOT a contest or a display of professional work, but a fun opportunity to broaden your crafting horizons. NO prizes are involved and everyone will be featured!

To clear up a question a few people have asked: The ArtisanCraft gallery folders and favorite folders are not linked- you can submit the same piece to both the gallery and the favorites if you like, no problem. Also, the two deviations per month limit does not apply to favorites folders, so please feel free to add as many submissions as you would like.

Member of the Month

At the end of every month one participant will be chosen as ArtisanCraft's Member of the Month and will be featured on our profile page for the entire next month. The Member of the Month for April is afke11. Congratulations! :dance:

Polymer clay

Polymer clay isn't technically clay- it's made of a type of plastic, so it doesn't contain any of the minerals that make up natural clay- but it can be used the same way. It comes in many different forms, from nearly liquid to very firm, and in a huge variety of colors or effects, making it a very versatile material! It can also be baked in a standard oven, making it far more accessible than clays that must be fired in a high-temperature kiln. Practically anything you can imagine, you can probably make with polymer clay.


You do NOT have to use any of the tutorials here to submit your art, they are only suggestions to help get you started. If you need some more references or directions, there are many more tutorials both here on dA and all over the internet.

There a huge number of tutorials on polymer clay techniques of every description both here on dA and elsewhere, but here is a small selection to help you out: (P.S.- check the artist comments! Many of them link to even MORE tutorials!)

Some tutorials covering polymer clay basics
:bulletgreen: Types of clay :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Frequently Asked Questions :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Using jewelry findings :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Suggested tools :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Making your own tools :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Liquid clay tutorial :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Mixing custom colors
:bulletgreen: Making a sculpture armature :bulletgreen:

A list of tutorials for making polymer clay food, courtesy of projecteducate and Talty
:bulletgreen: Food tutorials :bulletgreen:

A few in-depth sculpting tutorials
:bulletgreen: SgtMilenko's tutorial :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Zonkey's tutorial :bulletgreen:

A few interesting polymer clay techniques
:bulletgreen: Scenting clay :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Mica shift technique :bulletgreen:


Here's some examples to give you a little inspiration:

Mahogany and Black Polymer Clay Dragon by MiniMythicalMonsters Polymer Clay Truffles by stefania-zee Dollfie Mini Polymer Journals by Vamppy Polymer clay robo by chabersztyna Skeleton Hand Polymer Clay by n1ghtmar1shwaltz Beemo (BMO) Necklace-Polymer Clay-AT by ThePetiteShop Barn Owls Polymer Clay Earrings by Little-Blind-Chicken Polymer Clay Swedish Princess Cake by LittlePurpleCloud Polymer Clay Puppy by MaCherz Polymer Clay Companion Cubes by AzraelEvangeline polymer clay purple pencil FAKE ear expander by trollwaffle Blue Bookmarks by eerok1955 Polymer Clay Fruit Tart by AgentRose polymer clay gameboy and gameboy pocket by dsam4Polymer Clay Jointed Hare by AliatheGhoul Mini Clay Cannoli by WaterGleam Jinouga Sculpey model by Jassylaw Super Sculpey Sword Test by ApricotProductions Polymer clay chocolate kekes by Talty Cat and bell earring polymer clay by Nakihra Plum blossom polymer clay hair pin with moonstone by Krinna Sculpey Shadow by branka42 Tiny Hobbit Hole by Flocature Poke-badges by Malindachan Bottled Blood With Bat Polymer Clay by Nakihra Baby Dragon Earrings by DragonsAndBeasties Unique polymer clay pendant by beadyizejewellery Martedi', Pendant and Ring by Alkhymeia OOAK Quetzal bird pendant from polymer clay by Krinna Ancient Treasure Polymer Clay Journal by RoyalKitness Fimo Bonsai tree by FunkadelicPsychoFish Sculpey Triceratops by gsilverfish Skeletal Dragon: Sculpey by SushiBagel feather raptor chick by kimrhodes Polymer Clay Fairy Portals V2 by RoyalKitness Sculpey Tortoise Finished by kirstipoo Twinkle Twinkle Steampunk Star by colourful-blossom Little baby dragon sculpt WIP by The-SixthLeafClover Ram Skull Fantasy Armor Sculpted Neck Piece by StormbloodCurio grimm girl by lizthompson Fimo Piano Kit by pongojam Fimo Citrus Hemp Bracelet by ReezaJoy Flower necklace made with fimo by sississweets Fimo cheese by Himmlich Bookmark experiment 1 by E-Derby Black Fimo Dragon by PissiPissiBauBau fimo weekend by MarthaLights Fimo Sushi by QueEnOfNights Polymer Clay Dragon by FatCatCharms polymer clay controller pendant by BacktoEarthCreations polymer clay groceries by FatalPotato Retro Rocks polymer clay necklace by OriginalBunny Polymer Clay Vase: Water Dragon by annafjellborg Clay Covered Crochet Hooks by TheFancifulFeline Flower Cane // Polymer Clay by Shiritsu Polymer Clay Pendants by KabiDesigns Sekhemet Polymer clay box by thephantombear Autumn Symphony polymer clay pendant by WindySunset Polymer clay Faux Agate Stones by MandarinMoon Polymer Clay Teapot Salt and Pepper Shakers by cynamonspice Food pen polymer clay handmade by SomethinSweet Pink Rose Crystal Polymer Clay Beaded Necklace by JBKel Polymer BJD Diesel by Spheen Carve it in your skin by tishaia

Get Crafting!

Now it's your turn to get creating with polymer clay!  

Every Friday I'll update this journal to feature our member's creations.

To submit your polymer clay creations:
:bulletgreen: Go to the ArtisanCraft homepage, click on "Faves" (down along the left), click [Link] (CCC 41- Polymer clay)  (along the left side), then click the "Suggest a Favorite" button (top right), and you're in!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the monthly Creative Craft Challenge, this craft, or anything else, please feel free to comment here, on the Creative Craft Challenge of the Month blog, or by sending me a note to me, Animus-Panthera.

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