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Creative Craft Challenge- Stuffies

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 10:09 AM

Weekly update

Hey everyone! No new submissions this week, but if you're just finishing up your stuffy, you've still got just a little under a week to submit it to the favorites folder and get your chance to be next month's Member of the Month!

Previous updates

One more awesome submission for you guys to check out this week:

Nom stuffie by afke11

Hello everyone! Apparently last week was the week for kitties- check out our latest submissions!

Catopus 2 by Yumio-chan Grumpy Cat by noonetells

See you next week!

Sorry about the late update everyone! I've been on a little road trip this weekend and didn't have internet, but we've got a whole bunch of new submissions, and they're all very cute!

Plush My Little Pony Hermette by Anabiyeni Ori and the blind forest- plushi by Imivai-crafts Anglerfish - plushi by Imivai-crafts

See you next week!

Hey! We've got one more adorable submission to our stuffies challenge, check it out:

'The Three Graces' handmade plush keychains by seralune

Also, I have had to decline a few submissions for being too complicated- please note that this challenge is not just for any stuffed toys. I have defined a stuffie as being "a very simple plush, only a few pieces of fabric sewn together." If you are unsure, please go ahead and submit it anyways! But please be aware that it may not be accepted if I feel it is not simple enough to count as a stuffie. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make to the challenge folder, so trying a piece you are unsure about won't prevent you from making future submission!  

Hello everyone! Happy Friday the 13th! We've already got some adorable stuffies for this challenge:

Plush Lizard Pattern by Viergacht Apatosaurus plushie by Viergacht

Also, don't forget that the stuffie challenge is overlapping a bit with the previous challenge, beading! So if you want to submit your beaded creations, you've still got one week left!

Welcome to this month's Creative Craft Challenge!

The Creative Craft Challenge is a monthly feature where we introduce our members to different crafts. Every month I’ll give you a little background on a craft that you might not have heard of and show you a few great tutorials to encourage you to give it a try and show us your work.

So join me every month and put your skills and creativity to the test with lessons and tutorials, examples, and a place to show off your work. Your submissions will be featured in our favorites gallery and in this very blog!

Remember, the aim of the challenge is to introduce you to crafts that you might not have heard about or tried before. They won't require any expensive materials or years of training and expertise to complete. The idea is to challenge you to go out of your usual field of work and try something new!

This challenge is NOT a contest or a display of professional work, but a fun opportunity to broaden your crafting horizons. NO prizes are involved and everyone will be featured!

To clear up a question a few people have asked: The ArtisanCraft gallery folders and favorite folders are not linked- you can submit the same piece to both the gallery and the favorites if you like, no problem. Also, the two deviations per month limit does not apply to favorites folders, so please feel free to add as many submissions as you would like.

Member of the Month

At the end of every month one participant will be chosen as ArtisanCraft's Member of the Month and will be featured on our profile page for the entire next month. The Member of the Month for December is Anabiyeni. Congratulations! :dance:


Stuffies are some of the most basic plushes you can make- just two or three pieces of fabric sewn together. You can add details and decorate with a little creative stitching or embroidery, paint, glue, or whatever strikes your fancy. Fun, easy, and adorable!


You do NOT have to use any of the tutorials here to submit your art, they are only suggestions to help get you started. If you need some more references or directions, there are many more tutorials both here on dA and all over the internet.

There are plenty of tutorials and patterns for stuffed toys here on dA and elsewhere, but here is a small selection to help you out:

Basic stuffie tutorial
:bulletgreen: Basic stuffies :bulletgreen:

An overview of some basic sewing stitches
:bulletgreen: Basic stitches :bulletgreen:

Directions for turning out very small stuffies
:bulletgreen: Turning out tutorial :bulletgreen:

A tutorial for making eyes to sew on to plushies of all sorts
:bulletgreen: Plush eyes tutorial :bulletgreen:

Some useful tutorials for making human stuffies
:bulletgreen: Nitanita's tutorials :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: AshFantastic's tutorials :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: KeyshaKitty's tutorial :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: AlchemyOtaku17's tutorial :bulletgreen:


Here's some examples to give you a little inspiration:

Bread Stuffie by destined-amore Paul McCartney by sugarxsuicide My Makars by sprocket07 Smokey Stuffie by Eliea felt stuffies by aiwa-9 Fluffy stuffy owl by Pixelpanda42 Kodama by nobleknightkaeru Little Heart-Blue by River-Roane Trick or Treater Plushie by kiddomerriweather Onigiri-san by pakak-plushie Gir Stuffie 1 by CubbiLovesYou22 Cherubi Stuffy by ProdigiouslyRed Cat Stuffie by KaraNari Matryoshka Somethings by mintconspiracy AOHC : Plushie Stuffy Cendy by Fenrixion Black Kitty Stuffy by HappyCreations psychedelic owl stuffie by Abandonyouridols Hugable Toast-handmade plush by Vegeta-always-Wins Awestruck Stuffy by Chop-Logik A stuffy I made :3 by That-One-Player Kayle Plushie. by Shark-Bites Cute Cloud Plushies by ShampooNat Sushi by blushplush Totoro Plush with Tutorial by yumcha Warm Bodies - R mini plush by Kai45 Owly by quexthemyuu Rattata Plush by NerdLass Octopus Wizar by StuffyAnimal Traffic Cone Plush by Neoitvaluocsol

Get Crafting!

Now it's your turn to make your very own stuffy!  

Every Friday I'll update this journal to feature our member's creations.

To submit your adorable stuffies:
:bulletgreen: Go to the ArtisanCraft homepage, click on "Faves" (down along the left), click [Link] (CCC 40- Stuffies)  (along the left side), then click the "Suggest a Favorite" button (top right), and you're in!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the monthly Creative Craft Challenge, this craft, or anything else, please feel free to comment here, on the Creative Craft Challenge of the Month blog, or by sending me a note to me, Animus-Panthera.

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