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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2008, 3:43 AM

ChatroomStamp Exchange Corner New Artisan Crafts stamp by ArtisanCraft

[Helpful Artisan Crafts Tutorials 1]

Wanna make a beaded dragon? Check out the Jewelry section!  

Please note us if you have any artisan crafts-related tutorial we can add to the list.

Did you know there is a special category for Artisan Crafts tutorial?
Resources > Tutorials > Artisan Crafts
So you can find all these and much more here -->…


:new:Bead Dragon Instructions
by ChimeraDragonfang

Cherry Pearl Earrings Tutorial
by maytel

Beaded Cross Tutorial
by lenneheartly

Blood Orange Tutorial
by deabusamor

Tutorial Wire wrap alla Kitica
by kitica

Spiral Staircase Tutorial
by allucia

WireWrappingShapes: Poinsettia
by Attackfish

Amulet Instructions
by MidniteWolf139

Reticulated Silver Tutorial
by lotusii

Royal Ring Pattern
by Sahra

Beading Technique
by kaileighblue

Lacing up Peyote
by Ellygator

Hairpin Tutorial
by nanaleonti

Triple Strand Necklace tut
by inchworm

Make a custom beading needle..
by silver-zaira

How It's Made - Blue Fire
by Ellygator

Wire-Wrapped Crown Making
by Attackfish

Make a wire cuff bangle frame
by silver-zaira

Halloween Jacko Charm tutoriaL
by Blackmago

bead animal in the making
by cuddlefactor

nurse choker tutorial start
by trich


Origami Brocade Tutorial
by pandacub143

by wolbashi

Wolbashi - unit
by wolbashi

Origami Winged Heart Tutorial
by pandacub143

How to fold an Open Frame Unit
by 1sand0s

Origami Paper Star Tutorial
by Jewlzeh

how to make a paper star
by isip-bata

-Origami Star Tutorial-
by Jingmamalulu

Star-making Origami video
by Jingmamalulu

Paper Stars + Origami Hearts
by RedFadeToBlack

Origami hearts
by cosmogurl

I -heart- Origami
by neekko

TUTORIAL- Blow up paper box
by Nuna

Waterlily Origami Instructions
by EverlastingDream

Origami Mario cap
by Ongaru

Origami: Cat diagrams
by Pepius

1000PaperWishes - Fold a Crane
by 1000PaperWishes

Photo Lobster Origami Tutorial
by airlobster

Origami Shuriken Tutorial
by Pakaku

Origami Hydralisk Instructions
by axcho

Cactus unit diagram
by wolbashi

Origami Gift Box
by Loucife


Homemade Dremel router base.
by beelzebubby

How To Make A Star
by Echoes-of-the-Dead


Whipped Clay Cream Tutorial
by lenneheartly

How to make a chibi jack charm
by caithness-shop

How to make a DeviantArt Fella
by caithness155

Instructions for Stained glass
by Ellygator

Skinner blend tutorial
by Glori305

Skinner plug I
by Glori305

Skinner plug II
by Glori305

Five petal flower cane
by Glori305


CAcid etching toturial
by Ugrik

Constructing Jacob's Ladder
by metalweavers

Dragonscale Tutorial
by zikes

Chainmail Mantle Pattern
by Mercenary-Artist

Making perfect jumprings
by LinaLeah

Tutorial 4 in 1 Euro
by Nephri

European 4-1, Tutorial
by gnomeofmaille

Beez to Butterflies, Tutorial
by gnomeofmaille

Helm Chain Tutorial
by gnomeofmaille

Lead Casting tutorial 0.2
by sabbathgold

Junk Art Flower Tutorial
by photozz

Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial
by Risachantag

Minty Etching Tutorial
by photozz

Chainmaile Byzantine Tutorial
by crazed-fangirl


Leather Bracelet Tutorial
by TheNailBoy

Leather Mask Making Tutorial
by Ranasp


Sculpting tutorial
by HollieBollie

Mini Sculpture Tutorial
by DestinyBlue


doll eye tutorial...
by granet

Easy outfit for SD style dolls
by VulpesPanthera


Christmas Tree Treats
by sleepinglynx

Cream Cheese Candies
by sleepinglynx

Dog CritterCupcake Tutorial
by theshaggyturtle

Banana Foster Split
by OutlawxVega

Avalance Recipe
by BiggieShorty


Pumpkin Carving Tutorial
by manslaughterer


<a href="…"
Film Tutorial : Ruffles</strong>
by taeliac

<a href="…"Simple Leg Warmers</strong>
by taeliac

<a href="…"How to Applique</strong>
by taeliac

<a href="…"</a>Circle Skirts
by taeliac

<a href="…"</a>Putting on Bias Tape
by taeliac

<a href="…"</a>Tipping Corset Bones
by taeliac

<a href="…"</a>Folder with cross-stitch tutorial
by Alondra-chui

Bleeding heart top Tutorial
by sombrefeline

Indian Tutorial
by Myrthilla

Guatemala Tutorial
by Myrthilla

Fingerweaving Tutorial
by fadedoak-craft

Centered zippers
by taeliac

Megaskirt tutorial
by LotD

Drop Spindle Spinning Tut 1
by VegaLightsMyWay

Drop Spindle Spinning Tut 2
by VegaLightsMyWay

Drop Spindle Spinning Tut 3
by VegaLightsMyWay

RIT-Dye Color Chart
by taeliac

How to use RIT Dye
by taeliac

Lame Trim
by taeliac

by cyla-knits

by cyla-knits

by cyla-knits

by cyla-knits

by cyla-knits

Kataginu Hakama doll tutorial
by Tenshi-blues

Simple doll kimono tutorial
by Tenshi-blues

Tutorial: Draft a Kimono Patten
by taeliac

Mini Tutorial: Quick 300 Cloak
by taeliac

Textile Photo Tutorial 1
by ChocoboGoddess

Textile Photo Tutorial 2
by ChocoboGoddess

Eye of Horus X-Stitch Design
by butterpaw

How to make crossstitch pattern
by hiromitzarugi

How to do French knots
by MasonBee

How to Crochet
by VolensVivarium

Pattern for Pinwheel Coasters
by Linhorra

Rug-making tutorial
by MegamiJadeheart

Screen Printing 101 Part 1
by sirris

Screen Printing 101 Part 2
by sirris

Screen Printing 101 Part 3
by sirris

How to Pattern a Cape
by ohnojaylo

Org XIII Jacket Tutorial
by Oriana132

Basic Kimono Pattern For Beginners
by m0mbie

Furisode Design Template
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kosode Kimono Design Template
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Tomesode Design Template
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Anbu Vest Tutorial
by Cristophine

Attatching Sleeves To A Shirt
by LadyRiotFashion

How To Lace a Corset
by WaistedSpace

Busk Installation
by WaistedSpace

Bustle Tutorial
by DIYpapdefer

How to Block a Hat
by ohnojaylo

Easy Cat Hat Tutorial
by thundercake

How to make my pwnful hat
by xHarmonisedX

felted balls tutorial
by Amaltheea

Make custom graffiti clothing
by JMeighty

Gothic Lolita Headband: How To
by RatherGoth

Duct Tape Dressform Tutorial
by Mredria

Mini handbag tutorial
by DietCokeFiend

Wallet tutorial
by aneesah

Knittied Spool-Snake Tutorial
by airlobster

Quickie Tie Tutorial
by taeliac

Chrysanthemum Tutorial
by kittibee

Log-Cabin Patchwork Tutorial
by glassangel4

Fabric Flowers
by pearlzenith

How to set grommets tutorial
by Janes-Wardrobe

Mini Tutorial: Steaming vinyl
by taeliac

Tutorial: Pre-Tied Obi
by taeliac

Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial
by taeliac

Baggy pants tutorial
by Glori305


Kanzashi Tutorial - Part I
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 2
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 3
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 4
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 5
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 6
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 7
by Kurokami-Kanzashi

How to make a plush bag
by The-Cute-Storm

CUBED bunny plush tutorial
by aiwa-9

Make Your Skellington Pom Pom
by Sheila2892

plush toast keychain tutorial
by aiwa-9

Basic Plushie Tut
by ohnojaylo

Plushie Making Tutorial Part 1
by Stormeowth

Plushie Making Tutorial Part 2
by Stormeowth

Plushie Making Tutorial
by x0lgax

plushie patterns from scratch
by Errik

Turtle Tutorial
by Piripanda

Ed Elric Pillow Tutorial
by CowAlchemist

Baby Snitch Pattern
by almaxaquotal

Let's make something awesome 1
by coconut-lane

Let's make something awesome 2
by coconut-lane

Birty's request
by MaEmon-knows

Getting to Know a Dummy
by ohnojaylo

Preparing to Drape
by ohnojaylo

Basic Bodice Drape: Front
by ohnojaylo

Basic Bodice Drape: Back
by ohnojaylo


How to make washi eggs
by The-Cute-Storm

Make your own earring frame
by MyntKat

Few Tips for less fingerprints
by ChocoAng3l

Let's Color 123 -1-
by ChocoAng3l

Let's Color 123 -2-
by ChocoAng3l

Let's Color 123 -3-
by ChocoAng3l

How to Glaze ?
by ChocoAng3l

Quick Scabbard Tutorial
by samhawkeye

Pipe Cleaner Flower Tutorial
by teblad

Panda Magnet Tutorial
by i-be-c

The Basics of Cardmaking
by anjicle

Peacock Box Guide
by blue-fusion

Creating Latex Puppet Heads
by shalonpalmer

Creating Latex Puppet Hands
by shalonpalmer

Mask Making
by shalonpalmer

Paper Mask Making Tutorial
by EMasqueradeGallery

Make unuseful junk useful
by plusone

Walnut reindeer
by hannabearr

Applying Henna
by BrigetteMora

How to create a Lightbox
by yamslayer

Plastic casting tutorial 2
by sabbathgold

Paint brush holder directions
by 3LP

27cm Doll Painting Tutorial
by LuckyDoll

by Iseethemusic

Installing Single Ended Dreads
by LadyRiotFashion

snappy hard cover book tut
by serealis

Dreamcatcher Tut
by MiekeV


Tutorial: How to do pincurls
by taeliac

Tutorial: How to put on wigcap
by taeliac

Tutorial: How to put on a wig
by taeliac

+ charm strap tutorial +
by neko-crafts

Wheatpaste Tutorial
by rook-art



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